Welcome to UncoverdNews.online

This website is organized into the following pages:

Censored Media page: Links to good sources of information, consisting of people and organizations which have been banned, or have a high chance of being banned, by the establishment technocracy [YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc].

Video Archive by Topic page: A collection of informative videos, organized by topic.

News by Topic page: Collections of articles and videos which cover specific topics.

News Timeline page: A timeline of the important news for every day.

Alternative Tech page: Links to alternative programs and social media platforms which don’t censor users.

Take Action page: Some ways to overcome the climate of heavy censorious we are currently in.

The purpose of this website is:

1) To list alternative sources of news in the form of video content producers and non mainstream online news.

2) To consolidate links to important news stories and informative videos and organize them by theme.

3) To bring together various findings of like-minded truth-lovers and truth-seekers in order bring enlightenment to others in a world of deceit and disinformation.

This website presumes that we live in a state of mental control in what we think and how we think, by those who have vast wealth, where wealth is primary tool of power, and where those who have this money and power actively use it to promote agendas to preserve their wealth and power. We see these agendas as being against the well-being of the average, or financially common, person.

And so this website’s goal is to preserve the voice and opinions of those who bravely dare to disagree, as well as to bring together the acquired and aggregated knowledge which is the truth, and not the lies and propaganda of self-exalted groups.