In order to resist censorship and the social engineering of our society we must take active steps to resist the efforts of those in power who want to keep us uninformed and dependent on the state.

The best thing to do is to turn away from any business which has proven to not be on the side of the people such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. These companies have proven to censor those who question the system, a system which has been purposely set up to hide the truth from us by steering us away from seeing the truth and silencing those who speak the truth.

Look for alternatives to any business which has proven to work against the people. Linux is an alternative to the operating systems Microsoft and Apple. It is free, and some like Linux Mint are actually very easy to get used to. There are some limitations in the amount of applications which are available for Linux, but the more people that start to use it the more app making companies will start to develop software for the Linux OS.

We should also make efforts to back up and share any good information that we come across. If you see a good article, copy and paste it into whatever Microsoft Word alternative you may use (such as, Libre Office, Open Office, etc.) or take a screenshot. There are add-ons for alternative web browsers which make this easy. Instead of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge you can use Brave or Firefox among others. If you watch a good video on YouTube or BitChute, then use a web browser add-on like Video Download Helper to download the video to your hard drive