Here is a guide to fight censorship by preserving the truth with redundant backups to discourage censurers. This way it will be harder for the control freaks to delete information that is inconvenient to their agendas.

If many people have copies of the original information, that information can continue to be shared, and this will help to shed light on acts of censorship.

The method I use is to install add-ons or extensions to the Firefox web browser. For now, I’ll describe how to do it for Firefox, but it should be about the same for Chrome or Brave or whatever browser you use. You might just have to look for other extensions.

How to Download Video from the Internet:
To download a good video from YouTube or BitChute, install the add-on “Video Download Helper”.
With this you can download the MP4 to your computer to have a backup.
Once you have it downloaded, move it to an external hard drive and then share it with like-minded people so they can have a copy as well.

How to Make a Screenshot of a Webpage:
To take a screenshot of an entire web page, install the “Easy Screenshot” add-on from the Firefox menu, and after it is installed when you come across a web page with important information, select “Capture Whole Web Page”.

This will back up the entire page in picture format, just in case the page is scrubbed form the internet, or altered like Wikipedia is known to do.

Then, back the file up to an external hard drive like you would any important file, and send copies of the file to your friends and family.